Thanks, Awesome followers!

I was just looking at my clustr map and flag counter, and I was amazed at how far I have come even this year. I would just like to say thank you for supporting me and my blog because without you, I wouldn’t have as awesome as a blog as I think I have.  Just remember, it’s all about YOU! My goal is to post over the summer as much as I can. Hopefully it can be accomplished, but you know how summer goes, right??!!??!!??!!??!

“Mankind was my business…” A Christmas Carol

All Scrooge wants is money!Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!” – Marley

     This quote talks about what business really meant to Marley. Before this Marley’s ghost had come to Scrooge for the first time. They started their conversation and Scrooge said, “…always a good man of business.” Marley then went off into his Mankind was my business statement. That quote basically talks about how Marley has realized that he did wrong in his life and he knew that his business should have been charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence. He then says that the “dealing of my trade…” He means that what he was worried about, trade and money, isn’t whats important.

     Compared to real life this quote is very true. Many people get so worked up about what they care about, that they forget to think about the people who are less fortunate than them. I feel like people should focus more on helping people out, because when we all help each other out, we become more alike and friendly.

A Very Sad Day!

Clustr MapI got onto my blog first thing this morning and saw a very sad sight, my Clustr Map had only one dot on it! I clicked on it to see what was wrong and they explained that once per year they whipe your map so it doesn’t look like a giant red blob. (I don’t see why :)) Well anyway it is gone! Since I was upset I decided to take a picture of it and post it for you to see.

Three Cups of Tea

In school we are reading a book called Three Cups of Tea. The book is about Greg Mortenson’s journey to help children in Africa have sheltered places for education. We have to write a blog post about these things:

– Do you agree with Haji Ali that building relationships is as important as building projects?

– Why do you think it took Greg many visits to Korphe to learn this lesson?

– Tell about a time when you realized the importance of building relationships with others in order to accomplish something.


             I agree with Haji Ali because If you don’t have a good relationship with someone it is hard to finish the task you started because you don’t know the person very well. If you don’t know a person most people either take total charge because think they aren’t as good as you, or they sit there and don’t do anything. For example, Greg had to build a school and take a picture to bring to his friend that paid for almost all of the materials. Greg was thinking so much about getting the school done quickly to get the kids in before winter started and to get his friend the picture, that he didn’t have huge amounts of time to build a relationship like Haji Ali said to do. When Haji Ali took Greg away form his work to go one a walk and then have tea, Greg was nervous about being gone for so long. After the tea, Greg had been told by Haji Ali that taking time to build a relationship was more important than building a school quickly. Haji Ali said that they have had lessons over winter for hundreds of years and that they could last another one. I believe that it took Greg a couple trips to learn the lesson because he still was thinking about getting the school built even though Haji Ali told him to slow down and build a relationship.

          For me I have realized that building relationships is important, but it really just hit me this year. For example, I am in a technology (tech) class and usually you finish a model and find a new partner to do your next model. Well, I have been with the same partner since the beginning of school! It has been great, because we work so well together, but it took some time to become as close as we are now. We are finishing our third model tomorrow together where as other people have been switching partners every time they do a new model. Although it took us some time to feel comfortable with each other we are having fun together now just like Haji Ali said that building relationships is as important as building and finishing projects.

Seventh Grade…WOW!

     Since I haved moved onto seventh grade, things have been a little a LOT crazy! I get home from school I do homework from the second I get home to the second I go to soccer practice from 6:30 to 8:00. When I get home, at about 8:45, I still have to eat dinner, shower, and finish homework.

     Although I feel like I am always running around, so does everyone else in my grade. We are always talking about how much homework we have everynight and how we don’t feel like we can have a normal life. (As normal as a seventh graders life can be!! 🙂 )

     Seventh grade has been so much harder than I had expected. I don’t even have time to clean my room! (Mrs. Plantan you know how I feel! 🙂 ) I got home today, Friday, and went down to play our Wii that we just got. I had only played it a couple times since we got it about two weeks ago, where as my brother has played it almost everyday! I miss being a normal kid who has homework but still has time to go outside and play when they want.

     Even though I am having a fun and exciting time in seventh grade. . .