Seventh Grade…WOW!

     Since I haved moved onto seventh grade, things have been a little a LOT crazy! I get home from school I do homework from the second I get home to the second I go to soccer practice from 6:30 to 8:00. When I get home, at about 8:45, I still have to eat dinner, shower, and finish homework.

     Although I feel like I am always running around, so does everyone else in my grade. We are always talking about how much homework we have everynight and how we don’t feel like we can have a normal life. (As normal as a seventh graders life can be!! 🙂 )

     Seventh grade has been so much harder than I had expected. I don’t even have time to clean my room! (Mrs. Plantan you know how I feel! 🙂 ) I got home today, Friday, and went down to play our Wii that we just got. I had only played it a couple times since we got it about two weeks ago, where as my brother has played it almost everyday! I miss being a normal kid who has homework but still has time to go outside and play when they want.

     Even though I am having a fun and exciting time in seventh grade. . .




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